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Stop Payments Fraud. Prevent Personal Information Theft. Prevent IP Theft.

Depending on the industry you're in, you will quite naturally realize different benefits from using FraudMAP anomaly detection solutions. But all will improve the security of that which is most important to your customers, clients, members, employees, and your organization. By detecting suspicious activity that's inconsistent with established normal behavior, you will prevent fraudsters' efforts to complete fraudulent payments and steal sensitive personal information and IP.

Below are the key benefits you and your users or account holders will receive when you implement the industry's most sophisticated behavior-based fraud detection solution—FraudMAP.

Our Customers Say it Best

The benefits of preventing payments fraud and loss of personal information and IP are best captured in the results our customers have seen.

Customer Results

  • Proactively protect all of your users and clients without impacting their experience or convenience - FraudMAP transparently monitors all activity for unusual behavior, detecting account compromise, account reconnaissance, fraud setup and fraud transactions.
  • Expand services with confidence - Increase adoption and confidently provide the expedited and expanded web-based services and utility that users, employees and account holders want, knowing that associated risk is under control.
  • Improve customer trust and brand reputation Companies offering customer services will maximize client convenience, satisfaction and trust in your organization, building long-term relationships and attracting new customers.
  • Defend against widest array of new and emerging threats and catch what other solutions miss - Because FraudMAP is looking for deviations from expected behavior and not for specific fraud patterns or attack types, it detects the widest array of malware-based and non-malware attacks, regardless of particular scheme in play or how the account was compromised.
  • Improve fraud team productivity by providing maximum detection with minimal alerts - Our predictive activity models produce more accurate risk scoring, reduce and focus alert rates, and ultimately returns a more manageable number of suspicious incidents for fraud team resources to scrutinize.
  • Speed fraud investigation and forensics for quick resolution FraudMAP's easy to use Risk Application provides rich history of user, employee or customer activity and enables an investigator to assess a fraud threat quickly, in context, without combing through logs of data.
  • Easy to maintain: requires no rules development or algorithm training - FraudMAP releases security teams from the maintenance burden common to rules-based fraud detection tools. FraudMAP automatically adjusts to the changing behavior of both users and fraudsters.
  • Fast deployment and low cost of maintenance - Our SaaS solution is easy to deploy and no cost to maintain, making FraudMAP a cost effective option for organizations of all sizes.

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Using Behavioral Analytics to Stop Fraud

Relentless attacks through all types of media are resulting in end point protections being breached and authentication, including multi-factor authentication, being defeated.

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