Find fraud fast, without manual reviews

FraudMAP ACH is an anomaly detection solution purpose built for the ACH payments channel. It uniquely uses behavioral analytics to transparently monitor every ACH origination file and automatically identify the suspicious or unexpected batches, transactions, or modified line items. Financial institutions use FraudMAP ACH to find fraudulent ACH batches and payments very quickly in very large batch files without manual reviews and with very few false positives.

Keep Up With Demand for More and Faster ACH Payments

As ACH volume expands due to increasing demand for electronic payments by consumers, additional pressure is placed on FIs. The ACH operations staff must manually review very large rules-based reports that are generating a higher number of false positives as the volume increases, plus increasing the need for rules updates, adjustments, and maintenance. NACHA rules changes and consumer demand for faster ACH processing creates an additional opportunity for fraudsters and further increases pressure on operations.

At the same time, cyber criminals are escalating the scope and sophistication of their attacks as the volume of money moved through the ACH channel continues to grow. Fraudsters manipulate the ACH channel to their benefit by:

  • Submitting entirely new origination files that look like they come from the victim's computer
  • Inserting fraudulent payments into existing batch files
  • Modifying payees and amounts within existing line items

Use FraudMAP ACH to Prevent Fraudulent ACH Payments

FraudMAP ACH uses anomaly detection to model the behavior of every originator and receiver and then compares each batch to established behavioral norms to automatically detect unexpected or suspicious activity. With each new batch, FraudMAP updates and refines these profiles, creating a system that learns and adapts over time while eliminating the need to maintain rules and manually review long reports.


  • Analyzes NACHA-format origination files and full debit and credit transaction details for anomalous activity relative to previously established normal activity for each originator and recipient
  • Automatically updates the behavioral profiles of originators and recipients with every ACH batch, continually improving the anomaly detection capabilities
  • Compares line-item transactions to lists of known mule accounts
  • Delivers risk scores and prioritized alerts for all ACH batch- and transaction-level events
  • Easily integrates into the existing ACH processing stream, allowing fraud analysts to review alerts and take action before any money has been transferred
  • Provides rich context, transaction details and other risk factors with the high-risk alerts

Flexible deployment options

Financial institutions of all sizes can offer the industry's best electronic banking fraud prevention solution with minimal impact on staffing, low IT involvement, and no maintenance costs. Choose our SaaS deployment to use your in-house staff to monitor your ACH payments, or use our managed service, FraudDESK, and we'll monitor all ACH files on your behalf and alert you to any suspicious or unexpected batches or payments.

FraudMAP ACH Overview

FraudMAP ACH Overview

A detailed description of FraudMAP ACH and how it works to detect fraudulent ACH files and payments.

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Fraudulent ACH Files

FraudMAP ACH Overview

An infographic explaining how criminals eloquently tampering with ACH files to commit fraud and the impact it can have on your profits and customer churn.

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