FraudMAP Online for Retail Banking

Protect Your Retail Banking Customers from Wire Fraud, Bill Pay Fraud, and More

In order to stay competitive and maintain customer satisfaction, banks and credit unions are under pressure to offer a rich set of online banking and payments services.

But savvy cyber criminals have made the risk of doing so extremely high. They are successfully targeting and attacking online users, successfully gaining access to accounts undetected, taking over their accounts and stealing millions, using wire fraud, ACH fraud, and other schemes.

So, how do financial institutions deliver the retail banking services they must in order to stay competitive, while avoiding the increasingly high risk of online fraud attack with security that does not intrude on customer convenience?

FraudMAP Online for Retail Banking: Protecting Retail Customers

FraudMAP Online for Retail Banking addresses the challenge of efficiently and effectively identifying fraudulent activity and preventing unauthorized bill pay, wire, and other payments transfers. It instantly and transparently protects consumers without asking them to install anything on their desktops or adding onerous security processes.

FraudMAP Online detects account takeover, account reconnaissance, fraud setup and fraudulent transactions, enabling banks and credit unions to proactively intervene before money transfer is attempted or before a transaction is approved and processed.

Detecting the Sophisticated Attacks on Consumer Accounts

The FraudMAP Risk Engine uses Dynamic Account Modeling to create a dynamic model of expected behavior for each consumer account holder. The software performs a holistic evaluation of all activities in every online session – from login to logout – looking for deviations from predicted behavior to identify fraud. FraudMAP Online is proven to detect the wide range of attacks used to commit fraud against retail accounts, including Man-In-the-Browser attacks.

Focused and Rapid Investigations and Forensics

The FraudMAP Risk Application provides rich context for fraud investigations and easy to use visual analytics of behavior. It delivers the actionable information needed to:

  • Identify which of the thousands of individual account holders are most at risk of online account compromise and fraud
  • Quickly investigate and research previous behaviors and activities to determine if an account has been taken over
  • Identify Man-In-the-Browser attacks
  • Evaluate if the bank and its account holders are under attack — including identifying multiple account holders under simultaneous attack by the same scheme — and stop fraudsters in their tracks

Optimizing Fraud and Operational Resources

FraudMAP Online pinpoints suspicious activity and produces an extremely low percentage of alerts, minimizing the "false positives" that so often bog down fraud investigation teams. As a result, fraud and security teams can easily add the review of alerts into existing daily routines, using FraudMAP Online to help speed investigation and forensics. Additionally, banks can implement automated intervention to invoke mid-session challenges or to instantly stop high-risk sessions.

FraudMAP Online delivers value to organizations beyond the online channel team. Employees responsible for ACH, wire transfer, call center, credit and other retail banking activities can use the risk scores generated by FraudMAP to validate transactions or investigate suspicious activity in other channels with minimal delay or disruption to account holders.

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FraudMap Online for Retail Banking Overview

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