FraudMAP Wire
FraudMAP Wire

Behavior-based fraud prevention for real-time wire payments processing

FraudMAP Wire is a purpose-built anomaly detection solution that applies our industry leading and proven behaviorial analytics technology specifically to wire payments. It delivers real-time protection for all wire transfer requests submitted through any channel.

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This graphic shows how a wire request is analyzed and processed by FraudMAP Wire in conjunction with the wire banking platform.

Real-time Protection for Every Wire Transaction

FraudMAP Wire monitors and analyzes every wire submitted through all channels online, fax, email, call center, or in a branch. Real-time risk scoring coupled with available automated intervention creates a streamlined workflow for managing wire risk. With FraudMAP Wire, financial institutions (FIs) can prevent fraudulent wire payments, reduce the costs of manual wire reviews, and offer expedited wire services.

FraudMAP Wire analyzes the Fedwire formatted files generated by any wire platform or via a direct, real-time integration with the wire processing system. We also offer an established full integration to Fundtech PAYplus.

Streamline Operations and Improve Customer Service

Behavior-based Risk Scores - Using our patented Dynamic Account Modeling®, FraudMAP Wire creates and dynamically updates behavioral profiles for each wire originator and beneficiary. For each submitted wire, it determines if there is any anomalous activity relative to previously established models of typical behavior, resulting in maximum detection with a minimum number of false positives and no rules to maintain.

Automated Intervention* FraudMAP Wire lets FIs focus their efforts on only the high-risk transactions while letting low risk wires automatically transact.

Easy to Use Investigation Tools FraudMAP presents alerts in priority order based on risk scores and provides detailed account history and context that speed reviews.

Rapid Deployment FraudMAP Wire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is low cost to deploy and no cost to maintain.

FraudMAP Wire Benefits

Prevent Fraudulent Wires The most robust protection allows FIs to proactively identify fraudulent wires, before the money leaves the bank.

Reduce Manual Reviews Accurate risk scoring and automated intervention allow FIs to decrease operating costs by spending less time reviewing wires that pose no risk. FraudMAP Wire can automatically release low-risk wires*, focusing manual efforts on the high-risk requests.

Reduce Customer Call Backs Rather than calling all customers submitting wires over a set dollar amount, FIs can reduce the number of outbound verification calls and limit them to just the truly high-risk wires, regardless of the dollar amount.

Improve Customer Service With the confidence that FraudMAP Wire is monitoring all wires and will detect high-risk activity, FIs can improve customer service by offering expedited wire processing.

* Currently available only for Fundtech PAYplus

FraudMAP Connect

Your Online Fraud Prevention Connection

FraudMAP Wire includes access to FraudMAP Connect, our collaborative intelligence community for fighting fraud.

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FraudMAP Wire Overview

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FraudMAP Wire for Fundtech PAYplus

FraudMAP Wire Overview PDF Download

Describes the capabilities and benefits of FraudMAP Wire integrated with Fundtech PAYplus that enable financial institutions to detect fraudulent wires in real time.

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