Anomaly detection solutions for preventing banking fraud, payments fraud, and unauthorized account access

Guardian Analytics offers the most sophisticated solutions for using behavioral analytics to detect fraudulent activity. Our strategy takes advantage of the fact that for criminals to commit fraud, they must do something different from what their victims normally would do. We detect this change in behavior, capture it in an elevated risk score, and issue an alert so the affected organization can proactively take action.

By focusing on behavior, our solutions can detect the widest array of fraud attacks regardless of how the account or portal was compromised, what attack scheme is in play, and if there’s malware being used or not. And it works equally well across a wide range of industries.

Our patented anomaly detection technology, Dynamic Account Modeling, automatically checks all activity against demonstrated normal behavior to identify anomalous or unexpected activity that could be indicative of fraud. Anomaly detection has proven itself to be so effective in stopping banking fraud, for example, that the FFIEC included it in its June 2011 Guidance Supplement as a minimum expectation for layered security.

Of course technology is only part of what makes our solutions so effective for companies across numerous industries. We complement our technology with a unique combination of fraud expertise and access to a collaborative online community for stopping fraud.

FraudMAP Online Prevents online banking fraud, monitoring all activity from login to logout
FraudMAP Access Detect unauthorized access to all types of secure portals such as employee benefits, wealth management, and patient information systems
FraudMAP ACH Improve ACH risk management by detecting suspicious and fraudulent payments in ACH origination and receiving files
FraudMAP Wire Analyze wire transactions in real-time to prevent fraudulent wires without slowing the delivery of legitimate payments
FraudMAP Mobile Purpose built to detect fraud when accessing bank accounts from a mobile device.

Only FraudMAP:

  • Uses unique behavior of each user or account holder to catch the fraud that other solutions miss
  • Detects the widest range of fraud attacks using compromised credentials, malware, social engineering, all forms of phishing, and numerous possible combinations
  • Automatically monitors all activity regardless of what device is being used: a computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Checks every ACH and wire transaction for unexpected batches, payments, and modified line items
  • Detects unauthorized access to secure portals, such as employee benefits systems, wealth management solutions, and patient information systems.
  • Monitors every online and mobile banking session for fraudulent login, reconnaissance, fraud setup, and anomalous transactions

Flexible deployment optionsmeans that just about anyone can now offer the industry's best fraud prevention. FraudMAP is available as a SaaS solution or as a managed service.

FraudMAP for Retail Banking

FraudMAP for Retail Banking

Describes how FraudMAP Online for Retail Banking enables financial institutions to proactively detect and prevent fraud attacks across thousands of online consumer accounts.

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FraudMAP for Business Banking

FraudMAP for Business Banking

Describes how FraudMAP Online for Business Banking addresses the unique nature of managing risk and preventing corporate account take-over in the complex multi-user business banking environment.

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